urlhid's main purpose is to prevent the places you link to, from detecting where the link was clicked from. When you click a link that takes you from one website to another, the new website is able to track where you came from. This is called the referring website. While this can be used for legit purposes in making a website better, and understanding where a websites visitors are coming from, sometimes this info can be abused, and even sold to other companies.

When you value your privacy, and the links you share with friends, and you do not want the website owners knowing where you came from, for whatever reason, this is where urlhid.com comes in. By adding us into the link, and sharing your link, the new website domain only see urlhid.com as the website reffer.

Unlike many other url referrer services out there, urlhid.com functions without javascript, and currently without ads. This means you don't have to fear that javascript is required for us to work or that an ad is being thrown in before your friend is redirected to the destination url. Many referrer sites, would try to display an ad before actually redirecting to the link you gave them. Urlhid.com doesn't do this , we are an ad free service, and will strive to remain so.

Very simply, any link you hand us, we will redirect to, for example: https://urlhid.com/?https://google.com. Follow this method, and use your own link, and we'll hide the referring website for any link. Ensure your privacy, and keep websites from snooping into where you came from by using urlhid.com

We hope you enjoy this new service. You may also want to check out our other services listed at CTENetwork.com.